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grabngosm.jpg Grab and Go Water Purifier
Water Purification in a backpack or tough portable case. UV treatment of water. 0.5 Gallons per Minute. DC power outlet for charging or LED lighting. Includes 12 watt solar panel and battery. Shown but not included LED light and collapsible red bucket.

Backpackv.jpg Backpack Water Purifier System - No Solar
Backpack water purifier system, does not include solar or battery. Must be powered by a 12 volt DC source.

WPS200sm.jpg 1 Gallon per Minute Portable Water Purifier
Portable water purification with 20 watts of solar power. Two 12 volt DC outlets allow you to recarge your cell phone or other small devices. Use the LED utility light listed below to provide light at night. Unit is also availablein a 4 gallon per minute version. Contact us for pricing and shipping information.

redbucket.jpg Collapsible Bucket
2 gallon collapsible bucket with bottom fitting. Attaches to input for water purifier.

leddroplight.jpg LED Utility Light
LED utility light with 36 super bright LEDs and a 9 LED spotlight. 12 volt DC powered with a 15 foot cord.

filter.jpg Filters 25 Micron
25 micron washable filter twin pack

Filters 5 Micron
5 micron washable filter twin pack

Filters 0.5 Micron
0.5 micron filter twin pack. For fine silt

Filters Charcoal
Charcoal filters improve taste - twin pack

Filter Field Kit
Two 5 micron filters, two 25 micro filters, One O ring for filter housing

O_RING.jpg O Ring for Filter Housing
Filter housing O ring

uvtube.jpg UV Lamp 0.5 gallon
UV Lamp replacement bulb

qtube.jpg Quartz Tube Replacement 0.5 gallon unit
Replacement quartz tube for 0,5 gpm unit

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