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Video Analytics continue to grow and enhancements are making them an invaluable part of intrusion detection.  The basic analytic feature is detecting motion in the viewing area.  When motion is detected, various types of alarms can be triggered to alert operators. This valuable feature alone allows one person to monitor more cameras. 

The next enhancement was to determine, not only motion, but if the moving object lingers.  By putting in a time level you can be alerted if a person or vehicle stays too long in a sensitive area.  Gates, terminals, and controlled entrance ways can be easily monitored for loitering.

Detecting objects being taken or left behind is a recent addition to the field of analytics.  Once the camera learns its viewable field it is able to tell if something is removed or left behind. 

The most recent advancement is of particular interest to us for our Common Operating Picture  (COP).  The latest device not only alerts you to any of the above situations, but can also provide the latitude and longitude of the activity of interest.  This means we can bring that alert location right to the COP for the immediate notification to the situational commander.