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Puerto Rico Less than $5 Puerto Rico Gift Card Law: In Puerto Rico, gift cards with a balance of $5 or less can be claimed from the issuer or the card in cash. This rule does not apply to certificates issued on paper, telecommunication prepaid cards, open loop gift cards, reloadable cards that are not marketed or identified as a gift card, or cards issued as part of a price or promotional program and that do not require disbursement of monies in exchange. I have seen a few websites that say they convert Visa gift cards to cash, but I have not used any of them myself nor do I know who backs these companies. Since the reputable gift card resellers that I typically work with do not buy or sell Visa gift cards, I don't feel comfortable making a recommendation to do so at this time.

congressman rooney meeting july 3, 2009
paul marcuzz (l) & jake dyw (r) meet with congressman rooney (c)
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