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The World Health Organization has identified unsafe drinking water as the largest contributing factor to the problem of disease control.  More deaths are attributed to unsafe drinking water each year than to natural disaster, war, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction combined.


The Portable Water Purification Systems by Fourwinds provide immediate access to clean drinking water from any fresh water source.  Packed in a rugged case and battery operated, these versatile systems can also serve as a solar generator and are perfect for disaster relief, camping or remote operations.

Handy Backpack Version
Be ready for any emergency


The PG Energy & Design  Portable Water Purification Systems use washable or specialized filters to remove particulate matter, while a purification element removes virtually all microorganisms through ultraviolet disinfection.  No chemicals need to be added.

Easy to Use and Built to Last

A microprocessor control system provides control and monitoring of the processing using a single push button.  The controller also serves as a solar regulator and monitors the battery to avoid harmful discharge.  An automatic “Purge Cycle” ensures potentially contaminated water is eliminated before safe water is pumped. The system is simple to set up and easy to operate. 


Perfect for Disaster Relief

The 12 volt system can serve as a solar generator, and can support LED lights, fans, cell phone chargers and other accessories. This flexible system is easily stored when not in use, ready for quick deployment and use when needed.

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Grab and Go !
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